Mbarnes' UTAUs


Xander Kimball

name means - Defending men, war leader

 Gender Male
 Voice RangeC3-C4 
 Age 21 
 Birthday 8/31
 PersonalityVery laid back, does not really wand to be bothered most of the time. He has to be convinced to do anything. 
 hair colorWhite with blonde streaks  
 Eye Color Blue 
 Voice Bank Flag g+12 on Caroline Joy's Website

Rayna Kimball

name means -  peaceful, war leader

 Gender Female
 Voice Range C4-C5
 Age 19
 Voice Source mbarnesmmd
 Creator mbarnesmmd
 Personality  A natural born leader. Very Head Strong and outgoing, but she is very caring. 
 Height 5'4"
 Hair Color Brown with Orange streaks
 Eye Color Brown
  She is Xander's half sister

She loves hats. she has a lot of them 

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She loves hats. she has a lot of them

Rayna Kimball's Voice Bank